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  • The works are not industrial asthetic creations that a factory can produce or reproduce. They belong to an unachieved industrial delirium..
  • Polyuréthanne : a synthesized plastic material of high technology made of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon,hydrogen, clorine, and sulfur.
  • "it’s a bit like a theater play : we have to learn the replicas and the stage movements before playing live. As far as I am concerned, I have to to detect the wrong movements to avoid the good gesture to do. " Louis Durot


Louis was born in April 22, 1939, from a jewish mother. His father,  Séverin Durot, was an engineer who graduated from Varsovie polytechnarium and the central school in Toulouse.

1939 : he was unwillingly baptized.

In December 24th , 1943, Louis Durot cheated death as he was late, a habit that he kept for his entire life. He missed the train to Auschwitz. His parents refused to let him take the next one.he was welcomed by Madame Guizol, a goat keeper in Magagnosque (Alpe maritime), here there is a river with a beautiful, red,green and clay. It is here that Louis Durot learned sculpture by modeling his first toys.

In 1947, first toy given during Christmas: a Mecano which determines his vocation to engineering.

1949 – 1951 : Schooling by Jesuits orotorians at the Rocroy Saint Léon school in Paris..then,, he was expelled as he refused to learn Latin language.

1951 – 1953 : He was expelled from Jacques Decour High school for misbehavior.

1953 – 1956 : he got his Baccaleaureat in Pasteur high school.

1957 : he was expelled again for misbeavior. He took the Baccaleaurreat exam for the second time but not for himself, this time it was for his friend  ( he took this exam eight times on behalf of his friends and he succeeded in all of them).

1957 – 1959 : he left his parents and learned to gain money without working.

1959 : "Escort-Boy" at Madame Claude.

1960 : Having gained enough money to persue his studies ( an unemployed father and a hairdresser mother ). Louis Durot rolled in the faculty of science "propédeutique - Maths 1 Mécagège".

1963 : He finished his studies in mathematics and became gluer in Orléans ( where he was fired after two months and a half due to indiscipline). Then, he joined the Equipel company as an engineer where he was in charge of calculations and measurments of nuclear centrals prototypes resistance.leaving the french sector, the Equipel company became a company of research til 1979 and gave louis a one year training in organic chemistry. Louis Durot managed dozens of research contracts between 1966 and 1972.

1964 : louis Durot created an artistic movement with his friends called " Freelane studio", which tries to gather artists from different disciplines to achieve a common artisitic method.The movement included the jazz journalist Giles Brinnon and a young painter, Jean Ihalleroa who is a friend of the painter Maxime Defert. Brinnon and Ihallelo presented Louis Durot to Francois Arnal as an engineer of research. Louis Durot tried to work with Francois Arnal on the sculpture of his time and maintained contact with him until the marriage of this latter (with a sixteen years old girl in 1976). He spent two summers with the company of Arnal, Micheline Presle and Daniel Gélin. During the second stay, in 1968, Francois Arnal and Micheline Presle created a festival of theater of Chateauvallon, during which Louis Durot befriended stage director Ulysse Renaud.

At the end of 1966, Francois Arnale presents Louis Durot to César as a chemistery engineer. During a year he will be the assistant of César to deepen his knowledge on polyutherane  foam and tries to sustain the foam of his creations (fragile and ephemeral) and to make them definitive.during this period, César presented him to Pierre Restany, to doctor Knapp and to his friends Arman and Malaval. During one year, César and his relations shaped the artisitic education of Louis Durot and convince him that with technology he can better do what he has to do . César made flat and ephemeral elevations in a free and non-controlled material.

In 1968, Louis Durot conceived a project of sculptures in three dimensions with a controled material  depending on a drawing and a simple,  precised project. It is in this period that he realized his first drawings of his first pieces (mushroom and carnivorous plants).

In the same year, he opened his first mecanic studio.

In 1971 : His first exhibition in the Batimat saloon (Paris)- exhibition at the leather saloon

Between 1971 and 1974, Louis Durot created some sixteen sculptures around an extra-terrestial world inhabited by muushrooms and carnivorous plants.

Entre 1971 et 1974, Louis crée une soixantaine de sculptures autour d'un monde extra-terrestre peuplé de champignons et de plantes carnivores. 

In 1974, Louis Durot participated along with architects Sloan and Lecouter in a project of inflatable structure for the French pavillon in Osaka. The project was granted one million francs but eventually was not realized.

It is with this that Louis Durot was known for his competence on polyurethane.

At the beginning of the eighties, he realized clean works and designs such as  "le Pied", "La Bouche", le "Saint siège" and some erotic works , in a definitively "pop" style.

In parallel, he continued working as a director of research in some companies.

In 1992 he continued to expose ( the saloon of new technologies in La Villette ), in 1993 in Art Chicago, in 1994 in the Sofa saloon in Miami, and in 1995 in New York.

From 1998, he permanently exposed in China.

He became a star accumulating dozens of articles in the Chinese press. Some of these pieces were taken by the Chinese museum of contemporary  art in China at Canton, a city where he intervened as a professor at the academy of Beaux-Arts at Canton.


Louis Durot Committee



Since 2016 , Louis Durot confined to Soufiane Bensabra the creation of Louis Durot committe afto protect his works.